16 TB multi-spectral imagery from 2020 fire mapping is now donated to the University of California. Down to ½ ft GSD, its 2nd life will be research, fire ecology, environmental planning, etc. The Forest Service hopes to find new Giant Redwood groves and learn why thousand+ year old monarchs burned.
We mapped over 100 Million acres, 493 fires.


Thermal IR live-streamed to firefighters when our mesh radio-van was ordered. Super-zoom EO/IR gimbal (air or ground operated) was live to unlimited phones/pads/PCs in 2-sec. A radio-van in LA for FIRIS 2019 streamed live from Mexico to Santa Barbara. In 2020 we upped single-hop range to over 140 miles. MANET mesh only gets stronger/faster with more nodes. Each plane also has 8 5G FirstNet/Verizon sims & satellite, but the mesh does the heavy lifting of IR STANAG to ATAK, NIFC Geospatial Portal (EGP) and direct to phones/pads/PCs. Whole-fire mosaics and artificial intelligent (AI) heat polygons are also real-time. Instead of seeing only where an operator points cameras, ground crews pinch-zoom a current fire-wide hi-res gigapixel ortho themselves (thermal, color or NIR selectable) overlaid with 2-minute heat polygons.