An aerial view through smoke provided by multiple spectrums of cameras allows for augmented reality (AR) in the air, simultaneously live streamed to smart phones on the ground, creating a shared operating picture (SOP).

SureFireTM enhanced infrared video, and moving maps provide detailed accurate intel along with shared situational awareness (SSA). Anyone on an Incident Management Team is enabled to see their fire at the same time providing tempo and common operating picture (COP).

Creation of heat perimeter maps occurs near real time, setting a new standard across the fire industry. This enables fire teams to utilize and respond to actionable data. This extensive intel is streamlined into direct use where it is most valuable, allowing for the safe deployment of fire staff and better evacuation planning.

The breadth of value of this new imagery extends beyond tactical fire ops. Imagery bit depth is so rich and extensive that agencies and universities can analyze all of the raw details to advance fire science, forest ecology, and fuel mitigation planning.